finding us

Most satellite navigation systems find us with ease. If you do not have a satnav system then we would recommend using google maps on your computer or mobile phone to provide you with specific directions from where you are coming from.


The address to use is:           Camber Sands Holiday Park, New Lydd Road, Camber. TN31 7RT
















If you are travelling by train then the closest station is Rye station which is then approximately 10 minutes in a taxi to find us. There are also bus services between the station and just outside the park.

Please note we are NOT in the Pontin’s which is about a mile down the road towards Rye. Based on many guests feedback our facilities and accommodation are a much better experience and we hope you will find this too.

When you arrive

When you arrive drive up to the barriers, drive through and follow the below map and signposts to the property. There is no need to stop at reception as we have taken care of your arrival and registration for you however you can collect the weekly entertainment schedule and a large map from them or purchase passes if you haven’t already.

If you are stopped at the barriers then just show them your booking information and tell them you are staying at MP623, MP507 or MP700 depending on your booking (please see your booking details)

Directions to Sea n Stars (MP623)
Sea n stars